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By replacing legacy workforce management systems with UKG Dimensions, JCB can cut costs through: automating scheduling to align with fluctuating demand; eliminating time-consuming manual admin to enhance productivity, and boosting employee engagement with self-serve tools.

The Challenges for JCB

Reduce labour costs

Manual work arounds and reporting checks costs managers half an hour per day and degrades on-shift productivity

AI-driven data

Automation lifts the admin burden, freeing up supervisors for more value-adding work and achieving typical annual savings of up to 4% of annual payroll cost

Employee engagement

Poor employee engagement encourages absenteeism and leads to high staff turnover

Employee self-service

Mobile-first tools engage your staff and allow them to balance their work lives – reducing turnover, and related training and onboarding costs by up to 19%

Aligning labour with demand

Not coordinating schedules with forecasts leads to high levels of overtime and under/over-scheduled shifts

UKG intelligent scheduling

Intelligent scheduling aligns labour to fluctuating demand, optimising resources and enabling employees to dynamically swap shifts

The ROI for JCB

Improve effective use of capacity by 11%*
Reduce staff turnover by up to 19%*
Boost productivity by 5% to 20%*

*Figures quoted are typical benefits achieved by other UKG customers. Actual benefits realised by JCB will be dependent on current processes and the precise solution adopted.


Customer Stories

These customer stories demonstrate how UKG has helped other businesses and organisations with similar challenges to JCB.



Komatsu is a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions, spanning six continents and more than 20 countries. With localised rules and processes, gaining a comparative or global picture of performance was challenging, and the lack of visibility into detailed labour data made it difficult to compare actual time to standard made operational improvements. Having no standard time and attendance and shop floor data collection tool across the company made for minimal labour analysis.


UKG solution:

A global UKG workforce management solution with easy access to detailed labour data for informed decision making that helps improve operational performance and productivity.



Weir ESCO, a division of Scotland-based The Weir Group, is a leading manufacturer of ground-engaging tools used in mining, construction, and industrial industries. Tracking more than 2,000 employees, nearly 80 percent of whom are hourly, required difficult and time-consuming effort, from manual entry in China to complex, local requirements in the U.S. and Brazil.


UKG solution:

Weir ESCO implemented UKG workforce management solution at many of its locations worldwide to improve productivity, better manage labor costs, mitigate compliance issues and enhance employee engagement. The solution interfaces with the company’s Oracle solution.




How labour scheduling impacts employee engagement

With a solution that automatically builds schedules to align with the exact labour requirements on-shift, JCB can cut unplanned overtime, reduce the need for expensive agency staff and provide the visibility that employees want.


We need to talk about labour scheduling

With automated and self-serve scheduling, JCB can achieve proactive and predictive deployments that automatically align its labour with demand while boosting employee engagement.

Actionable Insights


Workforce Management in the Age of AI

When deployed with best practices, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can streamline JCBs workforce management processes and help overcome challenges of compliance, forecasting and shift swapping.

Employee Engagement: Mobile Tech


Managing your workforce with the use of self-service, mobile technology

By providing greater visibility for both managers and employees, UKG can help JCB stay abreast of demand changes, while communicating more effectively with staff and reducing overtime, unplanned absence and lateness.

Time and Attendance


Outdated time and attendance puts productivity at risk

UKG’s Workforce Management tools can help JCB capitalise on its people’s skills and availability. Helping deploy your teams more effectively and efficiently to meet record levels of demand.


Building a business case for a time and attendance solution

Manual, or even semi-automated time and attendance systems can cause costly inefficiencies. With UKG’s five-step methodology, JCB can highlight the true value of best-in-class workforce management automation to its stakeholders.

Workforce Management

Solution Guide

UKG Workforce Dimensions

Dimensions has been built with the future of global workforce management in mind, enabling JCB to increase workforce productivity, control labour costs and achieve better business outcomes through highly engaged employees.


Meet UKG Dimensions

At UKG, our mission is to optimise your most valuable resource at JCB – your people. UKG Dimensions gives you the capabilities to dig deep into analytics and your staff the tools that empower them to do their best work.


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